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About Polk County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC)

Purpose Statement

polk county mapThe purpose of the Polk County Economic Development Corporation is to encourage and promote Economic Development and Capital Investment in Polk County in order to create and retain attractive jobs, enhance our community’s tax base, and facilitate positive sustainable economic growth. 

The Polk County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC) was formed in 2004 to build and maintain a strong economic base in Polk County through local business growth and expansion throughout Polk County. The PCEDC is dedicated to creating and retaining attractive jobs, enhancing our community’s tax base, and facilitating positive, sustainable economic growth.

The PCEDC is committed to recruiting new business and industry to Polk County, to supporting their successful startup, and to assisting existing businesses and individuals with improvement and expansion opportunities.

As a non-profit organization, the PCEDC is exempt from federal income tax purposes under section 501C(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is funded by contributions from Polk County, its municipalities, towns, and cities, businesses, and donations from private investors.  There is no cost for our services.  We are here to help you access county, state, and federal resources.

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