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Doing Business in Polk County, WI (PCEDC)

Business in Polk County

Doing business in West Central Wisconsin and particularly Polk County is a pleasure.  Our location, within an hour of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Metro area makes Polk County and the surrounding region extremely enticing for businesses and people that want to enjoy our pristine lakes, rivers, creeks, wooded areas, and the beautiful St. Croix River Valley.

canoeWhen you live in our region of West Central Wisconsin, you’re automatically entitled to all of the wonderful fringe benefits our region offers.  Natural beauty, culture, affordability, great career opportunities, excellent education, high quality health care, small town security, and an endless list of activities.

Here the good life takes up permanent residency.

The regions outstanding livability also gives you leverage to attract and retain quality employees.  They’ll love living here. And when they have free time, there’s never a lack of activities any time of year.

Hiking, biking, fishing and hunting, art museums, theatres, national sporting events, major music festivals or just sitting back and taking in the breath taking scenery, they’re all part of the amenities that come with making our area your business’s home.

Economic development is a high priority in our county and region.  Our economic development efforts promote existing local business and industry expansion as well as facilitate new business recruitment efforts.  Our county, region, state have resources to help fund financing opportunities.  Side by side comparisons of tax rates favor our county, region, and state. Lower commercial-industrial property taxes in Wisconsin add to a company’s bottom line. So does lower worker compensation taxes, lower corporate taxes, lower personal income taxes and lower sales taxes.

Steve Healy, Director, Polk County Economic Development Corporation

Polk County: Other Assets

Polk County has many tangible or hard assets to offer prospective businesses and industries.  Another of the county’s strengths are the intangibles or soft assets available.

Polk County has many of the features that companies and their employees look for in a quality location.  There is an abundance of recreational opportunities.  In fact, both the oldest State Park (Interstate State Park) and the newest State Park (Straight Lake State Park) are found in Polk County.  Numerous State Wildlife Areas, State Forests, and County Forests are found here, such as: McKenzie Creek, Joel Marsh, Rice Beds Creek, Governor Knowles, and over 17,000 acres of County Forest.  Everything from bird watching to pan fishing to deer hunting can be pursed.

The St Croix Rivers forms the entire western border of Polk County and offers fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, and wildlife viewing.  The Gandy Dancer State Trail and Cattail State Trail offers biking, hiking, and snowmobiling.

The incorporated communities in this resource guide each offer their own annual festival, usually during the summer months.  These showcase the local charm of the small towns in Polk County.  Each community also has its own unique historic downtown.

Excellent school districts are a staple in Polk County.  We are surrounded by quality higher education, WITC, CVTC, UW-Stout, UW-River Falls, and numerous colleges and universities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota.

All of these fantastic qualities are bundled up in a county that is directly adjacent to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.  All told this makes Polk County an excellent place for your economic endeavor.