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At U.S. Bancorp, we stand at the intersection of people and potential every day. Potential for greatness exists everywhere, in every business, and in every person. As our customers begin to look toward the future with a more optimistic lens, they expect their U.S. Bancorp partners to provide trusted guidance for their emerging opportunities.

U.S. Bancorp employees serve as catalysts for our customers to reach their full potential. In 2014, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our engaged 67,000 global employees, U.S. Bancorp delivered record net income, maintained a firm grip on our industry-leading performance measures, returned 72 percent of our earnings to shareholders and preserved the best debt ratings in the banking industry.

Throughout the year, U.S. Bancorp stood at the intersection of people and potential by helping individuals build financially secure futures; small business owners turn dreams into neon OPEN signs; commercial enterprises convert visions into progress; merchants engage in safe and secure commerce; pre- and post-retirees achieve their retirement goals and objectives; and communities turn possibilities into promises.