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Summer Jobs and Life Lessons

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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The ice is melting.  Summer is on its way.  This means that school will soon be done for the year and many students will be looking for summer jobs.  The ritual of finding work for the summer remains very important to young people.  Thankfully, Polk County businesses have numerous seasonal jobs available.

We all remember summer jobs from our youth.   For me, most involved digging holes, baling hay, or carrying boxes.  It hurts my back thinking of them.  While not glamorous, these jobs allowed me to earn spending money and they taught me some valuable lessons such as the importance of showing up on time and how to work as a dependable teammate.  I also gained insights into specific trades such as plumbing and basic carpentry.

Summer jobs are important.  They allow workers to make money and they help businesses fulfill their obligation to customers.  They also prepare people for their future by teaching them specific skills or by giving them insights to future jobs and responsibilities.  Summer employment may lack excitement, but these jobs help keep our local economy strong.

Through my communications with employers in the county I know that summer workers are needed.  Businesses are putting ‘help wanted’ ads online and in the papers.  Others are happy to welcome you if you merely walk in their door.  Hiring managers are very impressed when an unsolicited job-seeker walks in their door.  This demonstrates initiative and shows maturity in that individual.  Who knows, it could be the beginning of a life-long relationship.  If nothing else, it will put a few bucks in one’s pocket and generate lasting memories.  It could also uncover life-lessons to pass along to the next generation.

This summer let’s celebrate those who perform seasonal work…and those who offer such jobs.  Our young people are important to our future.  Summer jobs can provide a solid foundation from which they can begin their economic and social endeavors.

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