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Owners of The 300 Club Receive Award for Renovation of Local Bowling Alley

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

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For Tim Vasatka, Randy Carey, Beau Carey, Dane Carey, and Luke Thoreson, the idea of turning the old Frederic bowling alley into a modern bowling, restaurant and event space was exciting. “Frederic is a great community and the bowling alley has been a popular gathering place for decades. There used to be dances here, so it was far more than a bowling alley. It deteriorated over the years so that by the time I purchased it, the building was a real eyesore and needed significant repairs. I saw its potential and the remodel has truly transformed the bowling alley into a place where people want to spend time with friends and family, host events, have dinner and just have a good time. People are shocked to see the transformation when they come back for the first time,” said Tim.

With the renovations nearly complete, the 300 Club in Frederic, Wisconsin is a popular community destination and for his efforts, Tim Vasatka has received Polk County EDC’s Business Service Award. The award is well deserved, given the time and investment it took to remodel the space, in addition to the value the 300 Club brings to the community as a central gathering place and location for non-profit fundraisers. “We spent twice as much renovating the building as we did to purchase it, but the investment was important. We couldn’t let the building go to waste or the bowling alley shut down because it is such an important asset for the community. People have been bowling here for decades and Frederick needs the space to host local events, given that there is no other event facility like it in the area,” said Tim.

So, what is the 300 Club like today?

The bowling alley has been completely renovated and is being used by families, kids and leagues. They have regular leagues and a summer league about to start up. In addition, their full restaurant is serving up tasty dishes like homemade pizza, fries, chicken sandwiches and burgers. This makes the 300 Club a great place to come for dinner, even if you aren’t bowling. Their full bar stays open well into the evening so that those bowling a late game can enjoy a local brew while they do it. For families, kids, young professionals and groups – the 300 Club is ready for action and has everything anyone would need for a good time.

Community groups and non-profits are also benefiting from the renovated 300 Club. With two event spaces upstairs, it is the perfect location for fundraising events or weekly meetings. The larger space has been completely renovated and the smaller room is set to be complete by the end of summer. Events like the Amish Fish Fry take place regularly in addition to annual fundraisers like the recent Back to the 50’s Sock Hop to raise money for the Frederic Library. The event was well attended and a lot of fun with music, food and dancing. Another successful event was a Youth Sports banquet where 300 people were served prime rib. “We wanted an event space to raise money for people in need or to support community projects. We are pleased that the 300 Club has been able to support the community in this way. We have now opened up the space to be used by individuals as well, for weddings and parties, etc.,” said Tim.

For Tim, seeing the project come together and people enjoying themselves is rewarding. “When we bought the place, I was here every night and weekend for months. It was a lot of work, but I had help from friends and family and it was a lot of fun hanging out with friends to get the job done. Seeing people enjoy the space makes it all worthwhile,” said Tim.

Tim may be a native of St. Paul but after 25 years, Polk County is his home. “I love it here and would never want to leave. It’s quiet, I have land and privacy, the community is tight and friendly, plus it’s beautiful here. This project is a way for me to give back to the community while creating another way to enjoy living here,” said Tim.

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