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At Tippy Canoes, smooth paddling through handoff

Friday, June 07, 2019

It’s been just shy of a decade since Allison Bahr tipped the canoe that gave her restaurant its name. 

“When I purchased the building, the canoe hanging over the bar was sitting right side up,” she said. “I didn’t like looking up at the bottom of the canoe, so I tipped it over, hence the name Tippy Canoes. … I felt the name was fitting and customers immediately nicknamed us Tippy’s.”

Under Bahr’s charge the family restaurant developed its fun-loving side, evolving into sports bar and restaurant where everyone seemed to know each other.  

“I tried to find that balance of making Tippy’s into a place everyone could go to,” Bahr said. “A place you could bring your sweetheart for a steak dinner and, at the same time, somewhere you could saddle up at the bar and watch a friendly football game with a burger in hand.  

“Plus being a mom, I loved settings that I could bring my kids to and still feel comfortable enough to order a cold beer without being frowned upon.  So I built a place that really catered to almost every need.”

Now Bahr is saying goodbye.

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