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Polk County Character Shines Through After Storm

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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In times of emergencies, true character is revealed.  We are reminded of this each time there is a tragedy or terrible event such as the recent spate of storms that ravaged Polk County.  At a time when many people had just experienced unprecedented winds that uprooted their trees and damaged their homes the people of this County stood up and went to the aid of their neighbors.

My phone started ringing soon after the storm stopped.  Neighbors called to check on us.  We called to check on others.  Fortunately, we were fine.  Others were not so lucky.

Soon the sound of chainsaws buzzed through the air.  There was no time to wait.  People were trapped in their homes due to fallen trees.  Many Samaritans, risking their own safety and property, were venturing to neighbor homes to make sure people were safe and that they had whatever was needed.  Businesses, too many to mention here, deployed their workers and equipment to help people dig out of the mess.  No time to ask questions.  Just do what has to be done.

We all have our own stories about the storms that crashed our lives recently.  It is easy to focus on the damage and the misfortune.  But it is times like these that we hopefully have the opportunity to be grateful and to take the time to recognize what defines us as a community.  We all pitch in to help our neighbors.  Help came in the form of clearing trees, providing food and shelter, offering the use of our homes, and by extending a hand.

Volunteer firemen, utility workers, village and County employees, businesses, schools and churches all rose to the occasion when they were needed.  Not to mention the neighbors who simply went out in the rain to help others.  Many of us are fortunate to have jobs, income, and good health, all of which allow us to help one another when needed.  So, the next time you are frustrated or disappointed in the ‘bad’ luck you have endured, be thankful that you are not alone and that there are people here in Polk County who have your back!

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