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Entrepreneurs Go Rural in Polk County

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The economy is growing and now is an excellent time to own a business. For any entrepreneur who has the next big-idea, or for established businesses looking to grow, 2018 is the time to make key business decisions and implement strategies for growth. Polk County Economic Development Corporation supports local area businesses and entrepreneurs in their endeavors by providing mentorship, connections with key financial resources, assistance with workforce development and relocation. We come alongside local businesses and make it easier to grow. When thinking about the growth goals you have for the year, consider the many benefits of doing business in a rural area.

Entrepreneurs are going rural in Polk County

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are realizing that it is more economical to locate in a rural community. This is partially due to lower commercial lease rates than what are commonly found in larger metropolitan areas. The cost of space is one of the largest expenses any business will have. By reducing that cost, businesses have more money to spend in other areas like marketing and human capital.

For entrepreneurs and startups, the cost savings extend to the personal arena as well. It can be very expensive to live in a larger city, due to the cost of real estate, groceries, and entertainment. When starting a company, it can be difficult to make enough money to pay for high personal expenses while also trying to keep cash in the company to pay for growth. By lowering their personal cost of living, entrepreneurs can keep money within the company and use it to foster business growth.

Remote collaboration makes it possible to help clients nationwide

Fast connectivity speeds are available due to local broadband initiatives, making it possible to connect with customers and suppliers remotely from Polk County. This creates an incredible opportunity for Polk County businesses to charge big-city prices, while keeping their expenses low.

Remote collaboration is also beneficial for attracting and keeping talent. Companies hiring in Polk County can offer flexibility to their employees, allowing them to work remotely or to create a schedule outside of traditional business hours. With apps and programs designed to allow for remote collaboration, companies can offer more flexibility for employees without sacrificing engagement or quality.

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