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Five generations later, family still farming

Friday, November 09, 2018

The years spread between five generations are numerous, and when a family shares the same passion throughout those years, a truly beautiful vision can be accomplished. This is evidenced by the Carlson farm sprawling over 2,600 acres of land; it is fully outfitted with fields, silos, barns, storage buildings, various farming equipment, a semi truck, and a wind turbine. Five generations of farmers built the farm from the ground up and continue overseeing it to this day. 

The story starts with Christian Strohbeen, who emigrated from Germany with his family and settled in Iowa. The family arrived with a farming background, and in 1860 migrated north in search of more plentiful land. Later that year, a son, Henry, was born. By 1864 the family made their home in Star Prairie Township, purchasing the land that the family’s first turbine would reside on. Thirty years later, in 1894, Henry purchased the land from his father.

1917 saw the first generation of the Carlson family graduate from the old Osceola school building. Just four years later, in 1921, that same graduate built the electric wind turbine that would power a feed mill, providing the farm and its neighbors with milled grains. The turbine was the first of its kind in the area at a time when such technology was fairly rare. 

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