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The ‘Heart’ of Polk County

Thursday, December 27, 2018

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Polk County is known for its lakes, festivals, natural beauty and a number of other events or places.  But the ‘heart’ of our county is truly defined by its citizens.  They are the ones who shine the light on its true character.  And it is this character that buoys my confidence in the future of Polk County.

By our citizens showing how much they care about their neighbors, especially those in need, visitors can feel the heartbeat of our villages, cities and towns.  When they see investments in communities, such as the one by Dick’s Fresh Market in Osceola, or when they read about Mr. Frandsen donating scholarships to local students, they take notice and begin to feel the uniqueness of the area.  And charitable groups such as Endeavors, the Polk County Suicide Awareness group, and Kinship (to name just a few) are all visible to those who come to our county.

Anyone visiting our home towns will observe the pride and involvement of the ‘locals.’  Our Chambers of Commerce, the multiple service organizations, churches and charities make people feel like they are surrounded by people who truly care about others.  Our schools, while small, are shining examples of personalized care and of participation for everyone.  It is these things…beyond our lakes and natural beauty…that make many people want to call Polk County home.

Other examples of our local character can be seen in our businesses.  Beyond their products and services, these enterprises represent prosperity and hope to families they employ.  They also provide leadership to a variety of causes.  This leadership can be in the form of financial contributions or in allowing employees to take time from their work schedule to help others in need.  Look around at any community event or during major holidays and you will see local business people working the booths, setting up and running activities, and cleaning up any messes left behind by visitors.

Reflecting on the many good deeds of volunteers, churches, organizations, and businesses in Polk County makes me proud to be a resident.  As the director of the Polk County Economic Development Corporation, it also motivates me to work hard at helping our young people find good jobs and helping our businesses be more successful.  With so many people working together, I believe our best and most prosperous years lie ahead.

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