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PCEDC Introduces New Library for Entrepreneurs

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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As 2017 draws to a close, many of us will be contemplating a New Year's resolution.  Some of us will toss out the same old tired ones that we have stated prophetically year after year, e.g., "This year I am going to exercise regularly!" or "I am going save money instead of spending every penny."  Of course, if you are like me, these are quickly forgotten until almost 12 months later.   But today I am going to touch on a type of person who actually sets lofty goals and then achieves them:  an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are defined as people who organize and operate a business, taking on greater than normal financial risk to do so.  One thing I have learned as Executive Director of the Polk County Economic Development Corporation is that many people in Polk County set a goal to start a business...and then they do it!  This is a good thing.  Polk County's economy is driven largely by small businesses that often times were started as a one- or two-person operation.  Sometimes, through hard work and determination, these entrepreneurs generate a level of success which, in turn, creates more jobs and opportunities for many other people.

It should be noted that not all entrepreneurial ventures are successful.  There are many factors that can influence the outcome of a new business such as competition, the potential market size, the demand for the goods or services offered, available financing, and management skill…to name a few.  Most successful businesses spend time studying these factors and include them in a business plan before they ever open their doors.  It is not an exact science, but having a detailed and thorough analysis of the opportunity and its potential challenges is an essential part of launching a successful business.  This is where the Polk County Economic Development Corporation(PCEDC) can help.

Through a grant from Momentum West (a regional economic development organization), the PCEDC has established a library in its Polk Plaza office for aspiring or current entrepreneurs who may need help in getting a business started.  Our inventory of books and journals includes subjects on how to build a business plan, navigating legal requirements, and developing savvy strategies when launching a business.  And, of course, the PCEDC and its staff are here to help guide you to resources such as financing, contacts, workforce, and training.  Walking into our library may give an entrepreneur a better chance for success.

Contact our office to visit our library in Polk Plaza and to discuss your business idea.  The PCEDC phone number is 715-405-3400 and we are located at 100 Polk Plaza, Suite 226 in Balsam Lake.  Or email us at  Our mission is to encourage and promote economic development and capital investment in Polk County.  Helping your business is a priority to us.  Our library can offer you information that increases the likelihood your New Year’s business resolution is accomplished.

The Polk County Economic Development Corporation is a public-private organization that was created to encourage and promote economic development and capital investment, create and retain quality jobs, enhance the tax base and facilitate positive sustainable growth throughout Polk County, Wisconsin.

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