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Workforce Recruitment is Underway

Friday, January 26, 2018

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Polk County Businesses are experiencing a rapid change in the availability of workers.  It seems like only a few years ago everyone was concerned with the number of people who could not find work.  Now, a common worry expressed by many of our businesses is that they cannot find enough workers to meet their needs.  The result:  Manufacturers are contracting work out to others, plumbers and electricians cannot keep up with the demand for their services, and homebuilding is taking longer than expected.  Remember when our national unemployment rate was well into double digits?  Compare that to October 2017:  Polk County's unemployment rate was 2.6%.

The scarcity of qualified workers is not a Polk County is a national one.  Communities and states across the country are working hard to meet the workforce needs of their local employers.  The Polk County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC) has established the recruitment and development of workers as one of its priorities to help our businesses and communities be successful. Part of our strategy includes:

Keep and develop our homegrown talent.  Programs such as Youth Apprenticeship and the Inspire/Career Mining program are designed to engage students with job and career opportunities while still in high school.  Local businesses can communicate with, and even offer apprenticeships, to juniors and seniors at the local high school.   Many of these young people have a strong desire to stay close to home after graduation.

Recruit the right people from other areas.  Polk County has much to offer...lakes, rivers, outdoor activities, great schools and more.  Our task is to make more people aware of these things along with the availability of good jobs.  With input from PCEDC, websites and marketing strategies are being developed by both WEDC and Momentum West which will be seen by people currently living and working in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Our own PCEDC website also has insights on living and working here along with a link to local job opportunities.  Many of the people that will be influenced by these media are folks who grew up here (or someplace like this) and moved away in search of jobs or adventure.  If they yearn for a return to our way of life, we want them back!

Let me close by asking for your support.  Talk to your relatives or friends who may have moved away years ago when jobs were scarce.  The time is right to take another look at Polk County.  Live the lifestyle that is right for you and find the job that makes you happy.  We have plenty from which to choose.

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