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Polk County Supports Expansion of High Speed Internet

Friday, February 23, 2018

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Staying connected is critical.  Imagine a business enterprise that lacks the ability to easily communicate with customers, vendors, and employees.  Any business that cannot quickly reach these people is at a significant disadvantage.  The same goes for students.  Schools are relying more and more on the internet to communicate lessons, conduct research, and administer tests.  Not having good internet service ‘hamstrings’ one’s ability to compete or operate on a level playing field.  That is why government entities at all levels are making it a priority to encourage deployment of fiber optic cable (broadband) to improve the speed and reliability of local internet service.

The Polk County Board of Supervisors recognizes the importance of good internet service for its businesses, citizens, and students.  Recently, they approved an ordinance that streamlines processes and reduces costs for Internet Service Providers(ISPs) who want to extend fiber optic cable to parts of our county where service has been lacking.  In fact, Polk County is applying to the state’s Broadband Office to become ‘Broadband! Forward Certified,’ a distinction that only three other counties in Wisconsin currently hold.

What will this certification mean to Polk County?  First, it means that the county is serious about partnering with internet providers to expand better service to more people.  Second, it sends a strong signal to potential businesses looking for a home that our county is one that is committed to fostering an environment where they can achieve success.  Third, it amplifies a commitment to our great schools by ensuring that access to information is available to our current and future students as readily as it is to students anywhere else in the world.

Thankfully, several communications companies are already boring their fiber optic cable to various parts of our county and many residents already enjoy fast and consistent coverage.  For others, the change to broadband or other effective delivery methods is still in the future.  The good news:  Hang in there!  It is getting better.  Our way of life is evolving and responsible policy changes to enhance our methods of communicating are underway.  Polk County is open for business…and having great internet service is a terrific asset for us all.

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