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Concept plan for 301 River Street evolves to include park

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Development plans for multifamily housing where the old hospital stands, 301 River Street, have been tweaked with the intention of maintaining the street’s integrity, according to LAD Properties developer Bernie Desmarais. 

Desmarais briefed the Osceola Plan Commission on evolving plans for the site. The plan is still in the concept phase.

“We’re talking about long range plans and want to give an idea about what we’re thinking and how we can make this property be the best it can be,” Desmarais said, “as well as some other ideas we think might pose some tax revenue generating opportunities for the village.”

Since unveiling initial designs for a mixed commercial-residential building on the site, Desmarais said he had returned to concept drawings he’d had done about two years ago.

“In meeting with the River Street (neighbors) to try to understand what some of their issues were, one of the things that came up was protecting the integrity of River Street, which I totally understand,” he said. “That is the street that looks over the river and a lot of people have invested heavily in those homes along the street.”

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