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Why Polk County? Healthcare

Polk County hospitals and medical centers offer residents the ability to receive quality healthcare from state-of-the-art facilities while remaining close to home. With little traffic in Polk County, it is easy to reach the doctor or get to the hospital in a hurry, on a lunch break or before heading to work. Local parents appreciate being able to take their children to the doctor without needing to take an afternoon off work, pregnant mothers can have regular checkups without disrupting their day and retirees can reach their doctor with ease. This makes the quality healthcare, and the ease of accessing it, a significant asset for Polk County residents.

Our regional medical centers and hospitals have created a robust network of healthcare providers that includes clinics located throughout the county. Polk County’s medical providers include:

st. croix regional medical center logoSaint Croix Regional Medical Center

The Medical Staff at St. Croix Regional Medical Center offers the services of over 90 physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse midwife, psychiatrists, psychologists, and twenty-five fields of medical and surgical specialty practice at its five sites. In addition to providing primary care services, their specialists treat any issue that a patient may face and can perform surgery at their Polk County hospital. They also have a health and wellness program committed to helping Polk County residents live their best life.

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Osceola Medical Center logo

Osceola Medical Center

Patients can walk-in for same-day appointments at Osceola Medical Center or call to schedule an appointment in advance. They have invested in technology, building an online patient portal that makes it possible to manage a patient’s health records online. They offer seminars on how to live a healthy life, birthing classes, along with seminars on how to modify a home and senior wellness. They conduct several community outreach programs and offer scholarships to local students. Patients who need care and want information on how to improve their wellness at home, will appreciate the services offered by the Osceola Medical Center.

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Amery Hospital and Clinic logo

Amery Hospital and Clinic

Amery Hospital and Clinic offers same-day appointments for people who don’t have the time or desire to wait. Fast and affordable healthcare define this institution and they strive to make it as convenient as possible for residents to get the care they need. They give patients the ability to book appointments quickly and to pay online through their Quick Pay program.

Amery Hospital & Clinic has provided quality healthcare since 1956. They focus on building partnerships with patients and the community. They provide patients with compassionate care, comfort and privacy, and envision their facility as a place of solace for the community; a healing environment where patients feel welcomed and relaxed.

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Compassionate, Local Doctors

Polk County is comprised of several small communities where it is common to know your neighbors and greet other community members at the park, baseball fields or diner. Polk County physicians are part of that strong community ecosystem. They are compassionate healthcare providers and good neighbors. This creates a deeper sense of community and comfortability for patients who visit them for care. We encourage families to consider Polk County and to come experience the many benefits of receiving healthcare from a group of engaged community doctors.